Art Festival


For ten days, the Bhutan International Festival will engulf the city with creative events inside and out. The city’s galleries and open spaces are showing national and international painters, illustrators, sculptors and urban artists, and Thimphu will be decorated with works at every turn.

The beautiful parks and town squares will have exhibitions, and concerts. Pop-up venues will screen nationally and internationally acclaimed films, interactive workshops and fascinating talks – and the streets, stadium, clubs and bars will be filled with music and dance.

Bhutan’s beloved Azha Kama leads the charge, with his unique contemporary fusion, while Henry Krokatsis and Killy Killford promise to deliver something spectacular from the international team.

Kevin Ledo 21

Bhutan’s trail-blazing contemporary Voluntary Artists Studio (VAST) will be exhibiting and organizing their own first National Artists Exhibition to celebrate the amazing diversity of painting and drawing across the nation. And the best artists and performers from across Bhutan will descend on Thimpu.

The Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) and the Zorig Chusum institute are working on key events and collaborations – much too exciting to reveal – so watch this space for more!